Thara as Politician

Thara joined BJP in 2008 august as invited by party and become lifetime member of BJP though basically she was not aware of  politics  but as an actress she campaigned for other actors who stood for the elections. After joining BJP first she started campaigning for MP Elections,Later BBMP and Mla reelections and other activities of the party,After 5 years of joining Govt made her Chairperson of KCA .Then onward Thara worked for her party all times.After that same year she had honoured by giving her MLC post , with pregnancy she did  successfully the 5th international film festival from K C A as chairperson fetched her good name,even in the same state she campaigned for MLA elections in the state, in 2013 even with small baby of 2 months she campaigned for the party for MP elections , followed by BBMP also
Thara also Conducted 5th Bengaluru International Film Festival even on her 8th month carrying of the pregnancy. She campaigned for BBMP elections for BJP in the year 2010 & 2015. Thara also participated huge election campaign rallies during Karnataka Assembly Election in 2013.  Soon after the delivery when the baby was 2 months old she participated in various election campaigns of  General Elections in which  Shri Narendra Modi was came to power in 2014. Her dedication to the party is priceless. Thara has always aspired to make a difference by becoming an active politician, her initial foray being campaigning for various elections of BJP since 2008.After 5 years of joining first time she was nominated for KCA. On 15 March 2012, Tharaanooradha was elected as a chair person for the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy (KCA) making her the first ever female actor to hold the position.


Thara to head Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy:

National Award-winning actress Thara became the first film female artist to take over as the president of the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy (KCA).
On 15 March 2012, Tara was elected as a chairperson for the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy (KCA) making her the first ever female actor to hold the position.
“As an actor, I was more than happy to take up this post in a government body,” says Thara, who will serve for three-year tenure.
As part of her new responsibility, Tara says that her priority would be to ensure that Kannada cinema gets released in neighboring states, just as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films have a run here. “I will also liaison with multiplexes that have hitherto been hesitant to screen Kannada films, to do so in future,” says Thara.
That’s not all. Tara also intends to be the mediator to help the film industry sort out issues with the government. “Right now, I am only aware about what’s been happening in Sandalwood. As the president of the KCA, I will study the functioning of other film industries in India. The KCA should not just be another government body. It should stand for the betterment of Kannada cinema,” says Thara.

Open Film Festival:

“Open Film Festival” was conducted for the first time in the history of Bangalore Film Festival in “Freedom Park” for common people when Thara was the Chair person of the KCA which received a huge response and appreciation from Public, Film Industry and Media also. KCA was intended to conduct this Open Film Festival in following places as a First Phase of it.
  • Freedom Park
  • Madhavan Park
  • Malleshwaram Play Ground
  • T D Naganna Play Ground near Ramakrishna Ashram


Belli Hejje:

Monthly Conference of Popular Artists in Sandalwood.
Thara was the first Chairperson to expand this program to district, state and National level.


Film Festival Conducted by KCA:

  • “Dassera Film Festival” was conducted for the first time by Thara, Chair person of KCA, which received a huge response from Public.
  • 5th Bangalore Film Festival was inaugurated by Jagadeesh Shettar, BJP Leader. And Known Actor V. Ravichandran and also a Film Director from Japan
  • “100th Year of Indian Cinema” was celebrated in 5th Bangalore Film Festival.
  • Thara Started from KCA celebrated “80th Birthday of Kannada Film Industry” on March 3rd.

New Schemes in KCA during Thara’s Tenure:

  • “Masada Maatu” – Monthly program regarding important issues of sandalwood.
  • “Hale Beru Hosa Chiguru” – Bringing together present and experienced artists on same stage for valuable meet.
  • “Vaarshika Chitrasoochi” – Collecting the complete details of Kannada and other local language movie’s information, and publish in the form of Book, CD and DVDs.
  • “Vaarshika Prashasti” – KCA Annual Award Scheme for Story writer, Cameraman and Media Movie Reporters for the best movies of that year.
  • “Belli Sakshi” – It is necessary to launch Movie Clubs in schools and colleges to represent Sandalwood in University level. And its work culture and management will be same as of film societies.
  • “Train the Trainer” – Analyzing the failures and success of the Kannada film industry to make All-round development of sandalwood also need to increase the No. of Audience.
  • “Chalanachitra Shikshana” – KCA has conducted many programs to educate the public regarding All round Importance of Film Industry.
  • “Antarjaala” – Internet and Websites plays a major role in modern world. KCA has launched its own website to reach everyone across the globe.
  • “Chandanavana” – Planning to publish a book ‘10 year’s history of Sandalwood [2000-2010]’
  • “Bharatiya Chalanachitra Kanoonu Krutigalu” –KCA trying to bring together the Terms and Policies of World film Industry.
  • Thara also organized a stage for “20 best films of India” in Information Dept Bangalore from KCA.


  • The same year Thara was  nominated for member of Legislative on august 24 2012 by taking oath in Dr. Rajkumar’s name.
  • She is the only artist one who maintained 100% attendance in the state assembly (upper house) and asked maximum number of questions regarding social problem, women safety and cinema irrespective of party.
  • Thara is known as best among Film Personalities those who worked for the party development irrespective of the circumstances by considering Party as her family.
  • She gave a big support to party by adding 15,000 new members to BJP all over the Banglore. Also she travelled all over Karnataka to strength the Party.
  • Also Thara is a lifetime member of ‘Karnataka Rakshana Vedike’.Headed by G.Narayana Gowda
  • Thara’s MLC fund is majorly implemented in Bangalore North Bangalore Rural, Anekal Taluk of Bangalore District. She mainly concentrated on Basic needs of the people and spent her MLC funds for the Drinking Water, Roads for SC ST Colony’s, Schools, Function halls for Schools, Bus Stops for the Public, Toilets especially for women’s, and for girls in  Govt Schools. And she has given her MLC funds to Build 100+ TOILETS IN ALL OVER THE STATE
  • Thara contributed her fund to Temples , Math’s, Religious Institutions etc.,, in all over Karnataka like Gadag, Mandya etc.,
  • Thara is the Brand Ambassador for ‘Namma Bengaluru Awards’ .

    Social Works:

    Thara started an Orphanage in 1993 which has children less than 12 years of age. Every year she donates Books, Sarees, Mask, and Rain Coats. etc., Thara also provides Blanket for Senior citizens, and Books and School bags for Government school children and Gloves and Shoes for sweepers in BBMP, Free medical checkup for Bengaluru Traffic Police, every year also counducts footaball tournament in the name of T.Thyagaraju her father. Thara adopted 4 children of age 12 and completely taking care of their Education, she also adopted 2 deaf and dumb girls and providing Education for them. She conducts cultural programs for slum children where they involve themselves. Thara has attended various Women’s Conferences in India and other countries also.